3 Reasons You’re Struggling To Build a Butt!

Here’s 3 things you need that you probably aren’t doing to build a good arse!

1) Direct training of the glutes

Most people train their legs but not the glutes in particular, lunging, squatting and running up stairs for most will train their quadriceps more than their glutes.

Try Sumo Deadlift, RDL’s, Single Leg Hip Thrusts and Cable Machine Pull Throughs.

2) A Calorie Surplus

The body doesn’t want muscle, it’s expensive to run and requires lots of calories to maintain. Without extra calories available the body will be forced to use all it has to ‘keep things running’ and it won’t be able build out any more muscle tissue. Unfortunately a calorie surplus is the exact same place we put on body fat so don’t eat too much too fast.

Try logging your food and increasing your food intake by 10-15% and gauging the results after 4-8 weeks.

3) Adequate Protein

Even if you’re in a calorie surplus and doing direct training you may not be eating enough protein to keep the tissue. You’ll need 1.8g of protein per KG as an absolute minimum. Anything less than this and you’ll run the risk of tapping into your hard earned muscle tissue during training. It’s a bit like 3 steps forward to building a butt then 3 steps backwards for not eating enough protein.

Try taking your bodyweight in KG, times it by 2 then eat that much protein every day.

If you can’t do those 3 things you don’t deserve to have an arse that would make other women jealous.


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