Are sweeteners actually bad for you?

Interesting, someone was talking recently about how you’re better off with diet coke, right?

Oh yeah that was me ??‍♂️

‘Aspartame is a single molecule that being processed by breaking it down into aspartate, phenylalanine, and methanol. The first two are amino acids. A quarter-pound hamburger contains over 1,000 milligrams of aspartic acid; if you wash it down with a Diet coke, that adds barely 100 milligrams more.

Methanol, may sound bad (and it is in larger quantities), but the amount one gets from aspartame is extremely small. There is more methanol in a cup of tomato juice than in a Diet Coke Super Gulp at 7-Eleven.

The American Cancer Society claims that animal studies have sometimes shown links to cancer, but those studies use astronomical doses of aspartame: Equivalent to 20 cans of diet soda per rat per day, over their lifetime. (Or in human terms: 3,400 daily cans of soda for a 165-pound person.) Meanwhile, studies in humans did not show a consistent link between cancer and aspartame at all.

The safe dose in rodents, scaled to human size, amounts to 1,900 cans per day every day, leading the FDA to set the safe limit for humans at 1% of that, or 19 cans of diet soda per day!’

Credit: EM Sport Science