The dangers of group training…

90% of my sessions are 1-2-1

I’m not the biggest fan of doing group sessions so I don’t PT groups more than 3 people.

The main reason for this is, although it may not seem this way.

It’s a bit like looking after a group of kids!

Form is very important when it comes to lifting, anything.

Too frequently I see people with poor mechanics getting stronger at their poor mechanics and thinking that they’re lifting right.

They’re not.

Did you know 98% of ALL INJURIES are preventable?

That’s why form is important.

I think Crossfit is really good when under the right supervision.

However its injury rates are sky high.

It can too frequently be the coaches fault but the main issue is this:

The coaches can’t keep their eyes on everyone at the same time!

There are no lifts that should cause your lower back to ache.

None at all.

I had a client who came to me with “back problems” RDL 30kg yesterday for several sets of 10.

(This is a RDL)


I told her:

“You don’t have a bad back or a back problem”

“You’ve just never been taught how to pick something up properly”

When someone’s been a member of a high end boot camp for 6 months and realises that the focus of her old coaches has been more on the headcount and less about their ability to move properly.

I think she felt a bit deflated.

The blame can’t be solely on poor coaching.

But the main role of a group training coach is to get everyone tired, not to look out for their form.

Otherwise you’d spend the whole session learning how to do an RDL and no one would go back.

So if you’ve got underlying injuries, niggles or certain conditions that need to be catered for:

The truth is…

Group training is more than likely going to make things worse.


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