The unspoken benefits of using a bodybuilder PT!

By no means am I competition bodybuilder or aspire to be on stage.

But the type of training I do is bodybuilding’esque.

I identify weaknesses in the way I look and try to continually improve them.

For instance today I focused all my efforts on my pecs and posterior deltoids.

These are muscles I’ve always struggled to build so when I look in the mirror I see imbalance.

It bugs me and it even feels like a bit of an itch at times!

There’s a few traits that people just like me all have.


Self esteem issues.

Confidence issues.


The list goes on…

But, one trait that I never really appreciated until earlier today was.

I’ll probably never be fully satisfied with the way I look, I’ll always be looking for something I can improve and do better on.

I’m focussed on my weaknesses at all times.

Rather than boasting to the high heavens about what’s so great about some of my features.

But this trait goes further away from the squat rack than you’d think.

I feel the exact same thing about my knowledge and methods of application with my clientele.

I’m continually learning and spend a growing amount of my ‘down time’ in books.

I thought to myself the other day that I’m going to write a list of the 5 things I know the least about in ‘fitness’ and that I’m going to buy the top 5 books on Amazon regarding that topic.

That’s 25 books, not a huge amount.

Then I’ll probably know more than 99% of the world.

Who the hell thinks like that?

I train and work with other bodybuilders, I’m not saying a triathlete PT isn’t going to get you where you want.

But there’s something kinda weird in the mindset of someone who is never satisfied.

Someone who’d be good to invest your money with as a trainer.

Rather than someone out of their Level 3 PT course who thinks he knows everything there is to learn.

Like the other PT’s.

Blatant pitch, don’t give a shit!


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