Is tap water killing us and making us fatter?

“Tap water is bad for you!”

Something I thought was made up by bottled water companies years ago.

But it turns out yes, there are more things lurking in tap water than we’d like to admit.

I’ve spent the morning reading up on it and I’m going to level it out for you in less than a few minutes.

So you’ve got your people who promote tap water:

– Cheapskates

– Those who claim plastic bottles are ending the world

– Those who claim plastic leaks killer chemicals

Then you’ve got those who promote bottled water:

-Hormone Replacement Therapy hormones and birth control pill hormones are both excreted into our sewage system, they’re not harmed or damaged in the “cleaning” process of water so yes they’re in our tap water, mostly forms of Estrogen, the female sex hormone.

– You can’t be sure of what pipes have been used to bring the water to the tap, nor the source so it’s pretty hard to determine how good your tap water quality is

– Bottled water will enable you to see how much sodium is in your water, also magnesium and calcium. We need magnesium to absorb calcium, most people are deficient in both. As if this is that important, people can’t track their calories let alone their fecking micronutrients, eh!

What’s my take?

Yes, there’s an ever growing amount of Estrogens coming into our lives which isn’t great for body composition, depression rates or fat storage and generally we don’t want more of it than we naturally already have.

As a world we’re becoming more ‘Estrogenic’, which is going to make it harder for men to build muscle and for women to lose fat.

But, as far as blaming water.

Cop out, yeah don’t get me wrong I love a nice 2l bottle of Evian each morning on the way to work but I drink bottled water because of one simple reason.

It tastes better and it’s a good measure to ensure I get 2 litres in before lunch / mid arvo.

I think generally there are BETTER PROBLEMS to be addressing in your life than bloody tap water.

Most people don’t drink enough water, so for a start just drink more, irrespective of source.

That’ll boost your fat loss, cognitive function and enable your body to detoxify.

Yes that’s right, sufficient water will do more than your fucking boo tea or detox ‘cleanse’.

Secondly, we’ve now got the morons of the earth telling us to not go near tap water and telling us that even if we drink bottled water that the stuff that comes out the taps will get us in the showers and we’ll absorb it in our skin.

Yet these super twats of our world cuddling bottled water care SO MUCH about their hormonal state.

Yet they work a 9-5, don’t get enough sunlight.

Don’t eat a balanced diet of “healthy” fats or adequate protein.

They don’t exercise half enough, if at all.

They don’t do anything to improve their hormonal balance that requires exercise or not being a lazy shit.

So before you or anyone else decides on making a difference to your life getting a Brita water filter.

Try spending more time outside, stop eating as much shit as you do and try not skipping the gym like you do every damn week!

Like it’s tap water that’s to blame for your current levels of body fat, give me a break!


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