Why all of a sudden does everything contain Protein?

Got offered some ‘chocolate protein’ earlier on by a whippersnapper at work who attended the Bodypower Expo

Why I wasn’t there I will probably clear up in another article.

Sod that, the reason I wasn’t there is I anticipated it would be FULL OF BELLENDS.

Amongst other people including mentors.

For me the Hero : Bellend ratio was well out.


“This is just normal chocolate with protein in it, isn’t it?”

I checked it, yep.

That was it.

So what we see here ladies and gentlemen is the world adding protein to everything to GET YOU TO BUY IT.

We saw this when Low Fat foods hit the market.

Oh, low fat, must be good.

Oh, It’s got protein, must be good.

Do you know what?

It’s working.

Because everyone with inadequate nutritional knowledge, most the nation.

Including my Mum.

Who now is buying me high protein snacks that will get me closer to Type II diabetes than a can of coke.

Is now running at the sight of anything with protein on the front.

I’ve spoken about this before regarding Gluten Free products.

Gluten isn’t an issue for most.

Yet we see Gluten Free and we clap with excitement.

Removing Gluten in most foods in fact makes them worse for us, not healthier.


Most foods that are now being labelled “High In Protein”

Still contain more Carbs and more Fats than protein.

They should say

(however higher in carbs and fats)

If you need more protein in your diet.

Go to a protein source.

Don’t try and cheat the system and get your RDA of protein from Chocolate Protein.

Guarantee you’ll look like shit on the beach next to your friends who used a varied diet of fish and meats to source their protein when summers in full flow.


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