The Unspoken Truth About CrossFit (From a PT)

So anyone who’s followed my social meeds for a while knows I used to hate CrossFit.


Well I think as a PT I felt a bit threatened by the whole idea of people not coming to PT and going to a CF box instead, thought it would be a conflict. Since I know that my demographic don’t do CF I don’t really feel the same way.

I think it’s worth noting that now a lot of negativity from PT’s towards CF is due to them not being able to get many clients and they’re a bit fucking bitter.

Also back then we used to have a couple bellends come in to the facility I rent, they wore all the CF attire and used to lift with pretty poor form and continue to drop the bar from attempted overhead lifts and allow the plates to crash down, bounce around before they’d do burpees over it whilst filming themselves.

Like I said, utter bellends!

The funny thing to me was how poor the form was on these dudes, also the fact they never properly finished or landed the lifts and it seems the weight in which they used never increased.

One dude in particular I called ‘CrossShit’.

They had all the gear and no idea and they irritated the fuck out of me.

As I’d try to teach a housewife an RDL in a functional training room these cocksuckers would be making such racket and using so much space despite having olympic lifting platforms in the next room.

I was like, ‘this CrossFit is shit.’

I had a client come in one day who’d injured her back at CF and that meant I was out of money as I couldn’t PT her.

I used to slate it, I really did.

Funny thing happened, CrossShit then started PT’ing at the same facility.

He was a qualified PT! Fuck my life!

Goes to show industry standards, eh?

Anyway, The realisation hit me that if there were clowns in the PT world there were probably clowns in the CF world.

Then I started seeing a girl for a bit, she was into all that CF malarky.

She had one HELL of a rig as well, one hell of a rig!
(that means body)

She was so into it I decided to give it a go.

Turns out I really liked it.

The main realisation that I’ve come to terms with having done CF in two different boxes is that you have good coaches and bad coaches, just like good PT’s and bad PT’s.

Injury rates, yeah they’re higher.

But so are they between playing bowls and playing rugby.

There are PT’s out there who don’t believe in deadlifts due to the “risk reward” factors.

There are going to be poor coaches doing poor coaching all around fitness I’m afraid and that won’t change anytime soon, especially with every PT course having a 100% pass rate as you get a million attempts to pass it.

I actually now mostly only do CF with occasional weight training on top.

For me it’s great because:

– The programming is done by someone else, therefor I don’t have plan a session after planning everyone else’s

– It’s non biased and balanced (most the time). I find that when left to my own I train more of the things I’m good at and not so much the stuff I’m not good at. I’m almost forced to get stuck in to the movements I’m not so good at and I can now overhead squat more than I’ve ever been able to 

– It’s fucking hard, also when I’m competing against people of similar ability you tend to push yourself that bit harder

So yeah, to summarise. I was wrong about CrossFit and I think quite a few people are.

It’s not the safest thing in the world as I found out dropping 60kg on my head the other week in an attempted squat snatch, but neither is rugby, some poor bloke lost his 4 front teeth in a tackle last weekend wearing a mouthguard.

So if you’re a gym beginner go see (a good) PT and learn to lift and do it comfortably.

But when you’ve outgrown the need for a PT, you can lift the basics and fancy putting your self through hell for an hour each day it may be time to do something a bit harder. Find yourself (a good) box and you’ll probably end up a convert like me.

Just watch out for the occasional twat in a headband.


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