Today I save you from ever catching Salmonella! (you can thank me later)

This is actually taken straight from today’s ‘Famous Daily Email’!

Good morning!

For some of you you’ll already know I’ve become a bit of a bookworm in recent years.

Also the fact that all my Personal Training efforts are currently Online I’ve been studying like a right geek because I feel unproductive that I haven’t put socks on in 5 days.

I learnt a shit load today and I felt like people should know about how interesting all that I learnt today is.

It could also prevent you from getting the shits, more importantly.

So as part of my learning about The Gut
(which can only be described as one of the most interesting subjects I’ve ever learnt about.)

I’m currently learning about bacteria and the one that really got me today was Salmonella.Anyone with an IQ below 14 would think it comes from Salmon, well actually I thought that until I was about 16.

It causes venomous vomiting and devastating diarrhoea.

1) The cheapest source of feed grain for chickens is Africa, so in Europe we import it to feed the poultry in cheap farms and there are many more wild lizards and tortoises in Africa than in Europe so Salmonella travels from there. You see Salmonella is part of the normal gut flora for reptiles. So as an African farmer in his field works a tortoise may merrily take a poop in a sack of grain heading for Europe where it’ll be gobbled by a hungry chicken.

2) The bacteria has to exit from the opposite end, which is where eggs come out. So the outside of the shell can be contaminated but not the inside, until you crack the egg that is. That’s how you can get it from eggs.

Cook your eggs.

3) What about chicken meat you say?

Cheaply fed chickens are are sent to mass industrial slaughterhouses to meet their maker. Once they have had their noggin chopped off they are dunked in huge tanks of water. Those tanks are like a wellness spa for Salmonella some of these cheap places go through 200,000 chickens a day! (That’s 100,000 more than I’m doing each day in Australia!).

All the birds share the same colonic irrigation pool so you can get 200,000 sharing the same bacteria.

They then end up in a supermarket freezer.

If roasted or grilled at the right temperatures the germs are killed off and no longer able to cause any harm to anyone.

Properly cooked meat is not normally the reason for most salmonella infections, the problem begin when the frozen chicken is left to thaw in the kitchen sink or colander. Freezing and thawing does little harm to those salmonella fuckers.

Bacteria can happily survive temperatures of up to -80c but exposure to 75c for 5-10 minutes will kill them off easily.

The issue is not the chicken or how it’s been cooked.

But the same sink you used to defrost the chicken has a bit of the water that’s oozed out from your former featherly little friend and then you wash your lettuce and that’s you fucked mate.

Your focus in the wrong place, your whole life is a lie, bit like most people trying to lose fat.

Shitting through the eye of a needle they say, aye!

So my take home points are this.

– Don’t buy cheap shit, where corners are cut to save money there’s always a trade off.

– Don’t just be focused on the ‘does it look pink’, your focus is literally in the wrong place a bit like your current training and diet regime – you’re a bit short on the REAL facts and you can’t believe you made it to how old you are without knowing what I just shared with you.

You’re a bit like fucking hell wish I knew that 5 years a go I may still have a few pairs of nice Calvin Kleins should I have known that little fact earlier on James.

– This is a prime example of what I do, I learn shit for you and then I a bit like this email will share it with you so that for the REST of your life you’ll be the fucking pro on Salmonella and how it comes about.

The next time you’re at a mates or having a come dine with me or even a pub quiz and someone brings it up you’ll tell them about a tortoise shitting in a grain bag and you’ll be the king of the hill.

So just fucking imagine what knowledge you would be getting if you were paying me for it rather than a free daily email?

Something to think about 🙂


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