The ugly truth about low carb weight loss…

When people lower carbs they usually see good results on the scales in short periods of time.

Therefor we have this idea that carbs are responsible for us being fat.

“Carbs make you fat!”

et al.

Unfortunately lowering your Carbohydrate intake does not necessarily mean you’re going to drop fat.

The initial weight loss is due to a loss of fluid, water in fact.

So for each 1g of Carbohydrate we need to accompany close to 4g of water to uptake those bad boys into cells!

So, you could argue that if I was to eat 100g of carbohydrates.

I could add 0.5kg of weight (which would be LEAN MASS) in a short period of time.

Again, if I was to be void of carbohydrates through a certain low carb meal.

I could come up lighter on the scales, not through fat loss, just through fluid loss.

The same way some people have a big turd and think they’ve lost 1lb of fat.

Sorry, in many cases it could have been the turd.

The fundamental flaw in ‘low carb’ diets is this.

People remove carbs.


They don’t replace.

If you were to replace carbs with protein / fats you could be onto a winner.

However usually people just remove them.

Average person consumes up to  300g of carbs a day, that’s up to 1200 kcals!

Removing that many calories means, well yeah, some fat loss!

Think that it’s sustainable?

Didn’t think so!

Listen up chachi, there is a TIME and a PLACE to lower carbs.

But don’t do it as a chronic fix.

Do it here and there, lower some days, higher some others.

Lowering them permanently is not an ideal life style, living carb free is called Ketogenic – it’s a ball ache if you’re any normal person – I wouldn’t recommend that.

When or if you initially lower them, you’ll feel a bit like shit.

You’re in essence using a pathway that hasn’t been used much, it’s going to be rusty.

Don’t see it as a be all or end all to fat loss, because it isn’t.

It just looks good on your scales so you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

The home truth is it’s not fat loss, its fluid loss.

If you want to lose body fat…

That’s done by addressing your calorie balance!


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